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 1. Executive Session
2. Approval and acceptance of previous minute
3. New Business
4. Action on Decisions –
a) Southside Oil/Dunkin Donuts –Review decision requesting an interpretation of Sections 310-2 and 310-7 and whether adding a drive-thru to the existing Dunkin Donuts is permitted. Said property is located in the LC Zoning District at 124 Route 32 in CV SBL 226 1-80.
b) Woodbury Villas – Review decision requesting a variance for the construction of clubhouse and related facilities that exceeds the approved impervious surface coverage. Whereas the property was previously permitted to have 38.71% impervious surface coverage, and the Applicant is requesting an increase to 47% coverage. Said property is located in the R1A and CCDOD Zoning Districts at 4 Central Valley Line SBL 254-4-2.
5. Public Hearings -
A) Tina – Public Hearing requesting a variance for the construction of a 12’ x 20’ storage shed in the side yard. Whereas pursuant to Section 310-7, properties in the R-2A district are required to have a minimum side yard setback of 30 feet, and whereas pursuant to Section 210-11, accessory buildings may be permitted only in a rear yard. Said property is located in the R2A Zoning District at 30 Florance Drive in Central Valley and is known on the Village of Woodbury Tax Maps as Section 226, Block 1, Lot 85.6.
6. Building Inspectors Report
7. Deliberations on closed Public Hearings
8. Adjournment


The Zoning Board of Appeals meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30PM in Woodbury Village Hall - 455 Route 32, Highland Mills. Agendas are set prior to each meeting and posted here. Meeting minutes are prepared following each meeting and are available in hardcopy at the Building Department or electronically below.

The Village of Woodbury Zoning Board of Appeals reviews applications from property owners for special permits variances. When there are practical difficulties or hardships faced by individual property owners in complying with the strict letter of the Village's zoning regulations, the Zoning Board of Appeals has the authority to issue special permits and/or variances, provided the public convenience, safety and welfare are substantially served and the integrity of neighboring properties are not injured.

Zoning Board Members

  • Karen Ungerer - Chairperson
  • Craig Brady
  • Andrew Zoumas
  • Rachel Bruce
  • Ed DeJesus