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  April 24 - 7PM - Town Hall  
Public Discussion on Municipal Building Needs

Fire Hydrant Flushing

Village of Woodbury Water Department Residents

The Village of Woodbury Water Department

Will Be flushing fire hydrants starting

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

You may temporarily experience discolored water. 

If you have any questions, please call

845-928-9514 ext.1256


Upcoming Events for the Highway Department

Electronic Drop-off

         April 28, 2017 2pm-5pm at Highway Department

          April 29, 2017 8am-1pm at Highway Department

Address: 24 County Route 105, Highland Mills

*Computers, Faxes, Printers, Phones (home and cell), TVs, radios, batteries, etc*


Woodbury Clean-up Day

         May 6, 2017 9:30am at Smith Clove Elementary

          Lunch to be served after cleanup appox 12:15pm


Shredding Day

         May 13, 2017 9am-12pm at Highway Department

          Woodbury Residents ONLY- 3 box maximum

 Address: 24 County Route 105, Highland Mills


For Information about these events please contact Highway Department at 845-928-6912 or woodburyhwy@yahoo.com

2017 Draft MS4 Annual Report

The Draft MS4 Annual Report for Period Ending in 3/9/17 is now available online for viewing. You can view the report here.

Blizzard of March 2017

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and residents of the Village of Woodbury I would like to thank each of you for your dedication to the community during the March 14-15 blizzard event that dropped over two feet of snow in a 24 hour period.
Our Highway Department is without a doubt one of the best in our State. During extreme winter weather conditions the Highway Team performed tirelessly at a high level staying ahead of the storm. They demonstrated their professionalism and dedication ensuring residents have safe roads to travel on.
Our Water/Sewer Department employees came forward and helped clear the roads to try to keep ahead of the falling snow. They also worked to keep our infrastructure accessible should there by an emergency that needed immediately assistance. They are still our clearing the many fire hydrants that were buried.
Our volunteer Fire Department enacted a stand-by at the firehouse for the duration of the storm. Luckily only one emergency occurred and it was an Ambulance assist. The Fire Department also purchased and organized meals for all employees/volunteers to have during the event at the Highland Mills Firehouse. Their dedication to Woodbury is outstanding and greatly appreciated.
The entire community recognizes and appreciates the efforts of all our employees and volunteers during this blizzard.

Water/Sewer Bonding Public Information

Village of Woodbury Water/Sewer Bonding Public Information:

The Village of Woodbury will be adopting bond resolutions for the following projects in 2017.  Only properties that are located within the water/sewer areas will be taxed for these improvements.  Currently the Village’s financial adviser is preparing bond payment schedule options so at this time it is unknown how long the bonds will be for and what the tax impact will be.  The projects planned are as follows:
Potable Water Storage & Distribution Improvements:

1)      Weygant Hill Water Storage Tank Replacement approximately $848,700 – The Weygant Hill Water Storage Tank is a 0.5-million-gallon pre-stressed concrete tank constructed in 1962 having an overflow elevation of 848-feet above mean sea level (AMSL) and a height of 25-feet.  The tank has been in need of repair or replacement for some time; however the recent construction of the Southfield Water Storage Tank at the same overflow elevation makes the demolition and replacement feasible without expensive and possibly unreliable construction/operation procedures.  This project consists of demolition of the existing tank and replacement with either a precast post-tensioned concrete tank or a glass-fused, bolted-steel water storage tank at the existing site adjacent to Fillmore Court.  The estimated project cost is $848,700.  This includes demolition of the existing tank ($15,000) construction of the new tank and appurtenances (control pit, yard piping, etc.) at $1.20/gallon and 20% contingency and 15% for legal, engineering and administrative costs.

2)      Pleasant Avenue Water Main Replacement approximately $819,900 – The Skyline area is served by a booster pump station on Skyline Drive at the intersection with Birchwood Drive which pumps water to the 0.1-million-gallon underground reservoir at Summit Drive.  In the late-1980’s and early-1990’s a number, but not all, existing six (6) inch water mains were replaced with eight (8) inch ductile iron water mains.  Due to repeated pipe failures and leaks, the Water and Sewer Department has requested replacement of the Pleasant Avenue water main.  This project consists of replacement of approximately 1,800 linear feet of existing six (6) inch cast iron water main with eight (8) inch ductile iron water main and includes connections at Woodland Drive and Willow Court, new fire hydrants and new service connections for approximately twenty-five (25) existing single-family residential dwellings.  The estimated project cost is $819,900.  This includes construction of the new water main and appurtenances (valves, hydrants, connections to existing facilities, etc.) at $594,100, 20% contingency and 15% for legal, engineering and administrative costs.

3)      Hydrant Replacement approximately $55,000 – This project continues the incremental replacement of outmoded fire hydrants throughout the water system with new Village standard hydrants (i.e. Mueller Centurion).  This work includes removal of up to ten (10) existing hydrants and installation of a new hydrant.  Specific hydrants to be replaced will be determined by the Water & Sewer Department. The estimated project cost is $55,000.  This includes installation of hydrants and a $5,500 allowance for legal, engineering and administrative costs.

4)      Well No. 1 Flood Protection approximately $800,000 – Well No. 1 is an unconsolidated sand and gravel water supply well located at the easterly extension of Hunter Street, behind the existing Water& Sewer Department offices.  Well No. 1 was constructed in 1960 and has provided an excellent source of quality water.  The at grade construction has left this well vulnerable to Woodbury Creek Flooding.  The Village’s other wells were either constructed or raised to elevations above the flood plain.  This project includes the reconstruction of Well No. 1 at an elevation above the flood plan and includes temporary bypassing of the electrical and disinfection equipment currently within Well No. 1.

Sanitary Sewer Collection & Conveyance System Improvements:

1)      Air Release & Vacuum Valve Replacement approximately $400,000 – Wastewater from Central Valley and Highland Mills is conveyed through gravity sewers to one (1) of three principle wastewater pump stations, Hollet Avenue, Pine Hill Road and Smith Clove Road.  The Smith Clove Road station then pumps wastewater to Orange County Sewer District No. 1 via parallel force mains (10” and 12”).  The force mains follow a southerly route including: Valley and Estrada Roads, parallel to the existing railroad line, along Turner Road, NYS Route 32 and Nininger Road.  The force mains have a series of air release valves intended to release air and sewer gas and vacuum valves intended to allow air to enter the force main and allow draining.  These valves were installed with the original force main in the early 1980’s and require replacement.  This work includes the location and inspection of the valves along the force main from Smith Clove Road pump station to Nininger Road, the draining and bypassing of the force main and replacement (or repair) of the valves.  The estimated project cost is $400,000 which is based on the replacement of the vales assuming nothing may be salvaged for repair.

2)      Sewer Camera and Vehicle approximately $86,000 – This project includes the replacement of the existing sewer camera and vehicle from which the camera is operated.  The current camera is a Rovver 125 purchased in 2008 for approximately $60,000 and has been utilized by the Water & Sewer Department to perform televised inspections to locate leaking or damaged sanitary sewers.  The majority of the televised inspections have been performed in response to the Orders on Consent for Highland Lake Estates and the Hollet Avenue pump station however the Water & Sewer Department has also utilized the camera to inspect newly installed sanitary sewers.  The Water & Sewer Department has compared available equipment options with Department needs and costs and has received a budgetary quote for a Rovver X system for $74,800.  We recommend budgeting $86,000 to include possible equipment cost increases, equipment options and legal, engineering and administrative costs.  Currently, the Water & Sewer Department utilizes a converted ambulance to store pipe inspection equipment (camera, monitors, reels, etc.) and the control station for the sewer camera.  The existing ambulance is twenty (20) years old and requires a number of repairs.  The Water & Sewer Department reviewed available vehicles and believes a sprinter van will provide the necessary storage and operational space.  It also has the ability to transport tools and equipment for maintenance and repairs.  The Water & Sewer Department has researched available vehicles and advises the average price is approximately $34,000.  We recommend budgeting $38,000 to include possible options and administrative costs.
Miscellaneous Improvements:

1)      Pre-Fabricated Metal Storage Building approximately $595,000 – The existing Water & Sewer Department offices and shop were constructed in the early 1980’s and consist of four (4) garage bays, offices and a locker/assembly room.  Due to limited storage room, some materials and equipment, including vehicles, are currently stored outdoors.  In addition, the existing offices and shop are vulnerable to flooding.  In 2011 during Hurricane Irene, torrential rains and flooding severely damaged building components, vehicles, computers, tools and supplies.  In 2012, bids were received for a 60-foot by 55-foot storage structure to be set at a higher elevation than the existing building.  This project consists of construction of the new storage building and associated site work including modifications to the parking lot and security fencing.  The estimated project cost is $595,000.  This includes construction of the new building, 10% contingency and 10% for legal, engineering and administrative costs.



Pilgrim Pipeline Project Information & Documents

All documents and information pertaining to the Pilgrim Pipeline can be found on PilgrimPipeline.com.

CodeRED Alert System

CodeRED Logo

The Town and Village of Woodbury has contracted with Emergency Communications Network to license its CodeRED high-speed notification solution. The CodeRED system provides Woodbury officials the ability to quickly deliver messages to targeted areas or the entire community.

For more information read the CodeRED press release. To sign up for CodeRED alerts, visit the CodeRED website.

A mobile application for your smart phone or tablet is also available.

Online Tax Lookup

Looking up tax bills for yourself or others is available online. If you have any questions, contact Carol Herb at 845-928-6062, M-F 3:30-9:00pm.